How to manage shared contacts with ContactBook

15 March, 2020

How to manage shared contacts with ContactBook

This post aims at explaining the work-flow of ContactBook application.

For Installation, check out: how to install ContactBook

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How to share Google Contacts using ContactBook

You need to follow the two steps procedure to share google contacts using ContactBook:

Create and Manage Contacts and Labels(Groups) in Google Contacts

ContactBook lets you share Google Contact's labels and their contacts with your domain users. So the first step is to create and manage your contacts in different labels on Google Contacts.

For example. if you want contacts of your leads to be shared with the Sales team, you can create a label called Sales Team and add all leads contacts to that.

Click here to go to Google Contacts.

Manage Contacts and Labels in Google Contacts

Create Labels and go to contacts to manage labels for them. You can have multiple contacts in a single label as well as single contact can have multiple labels. Organise it according to your needs.

Share Labels with Domain users via ContactBook application

Login to ContactBook as suggested in installation and click on SYNC button. It will get all the labels and their contacts from Google Contacts to ContactBook app.

It will take a few minutes or hours based on number of contacts and labels your account has. You will be notified once sync is completed. If you are an admin you can also check the status from History menu under your profile.

Once the sync is done, you will see all your labels and contacts under them. You will then be able to share those labels with your domain users.

Share Labels with Domain users in ContactBook

In order to share a label with a domain user, you just simply have to click on that label and then click on Share with Users Button. You will be prompt to select users.

NOTE: To begin with, we request you to test the platform by creating dummy labels and add dummy contacts on Google Contact and sync from ContactBook and share with 1-2 users to check if everything is reflected as per expected.

As we are still improving the product, so please take care of the following points:

  • Always sync your data in ContactBook right after updating it in Google Contact
  • To get consistent data, do not perform any action while syncing data

Soon you will be able to manage contacts and labels from ContactBook interface. You do not need to switch between Google Contacts and ContactBook. We are working on that part and will update you once we roll out the feature.

We are constantly working toward a smooth app experience for you. Let us know if you have any feedback/suggestions in the comment section or write us at

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