How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Gmail?

22 September, 2020

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Gmail?

How many times have you cursed yourself for deleting an important contact unintentionally?

You could have accidentally hit the delete button when you are immersed in your work. You may have deleted a contact from Google Contacts in one device and then realize that it has been deleted from all your other devices also.

You will find all your Gmail contacts in Google Contacts and all your Google Contacts will be backed up on the linked Google account. In many cases, you will find contacts getting deleted due to incorrect sync.

Whatever may be the reason for deleting a contact you need not panic as you can recover all the deleted contacts.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Gmail?

Gmail gives you an option to recover deleted contacts that you may need at a later date. All your Gmail contacts are stored in Google Contacts and Google Contacts has a built-in feature that will enable you to restore the deleted contacts.

If you have deleted a contact by mistake you need not worry about it because the contact is not lost forever. You can recover it with the help of the Restore feature which is nestled in the Google Contacts Menu.

The only thing you should know while trying to restore a deleted contact is the time when you deleted the contact. You must remember whether you deleted it a day ago, a week ago, or a month ago.

Steps to restore contacts from gmail

  1. Open on your browser and log in with the same Google Account linked to the smartphone from which you deleted a contact accidentally.

google contacts

  1. Tap on the gear icon found on the top right corner and click on 'Undo changes' to start the restoration process.

recover google contacts

You will be asked to select a time period during which you want to undo any changes you made to Google Contacts. You can select a time period that includes the moment you deleted a contact and it can be anywhere from 10 minutes to a maximum of 30 days.

Any changes you made to Google Contacts during the selected period will be erased. All the contacts that you deleted accidentally during that time will be restored.

But you should remember that if you had added any new contact during that period, it would be deleted as all changes made during the selected period are erased. So you must be careful and backup all your existing contacts before trying to restore the deleted contacts.

  1. Choose the right time frame that includes the period when the contact was deleted and click on the 'Confirm' button.

Choose time frame to recover gmail contacts

Your deleted contacts will be restored after a few minutes.

Steps to restore deleted Google Contacts on your smartphone

To restore a deleted contact from gmail on your smartphone you must have Google Contacts app installed on your smartphone.

  1. Open the Google Contacts app and tap on the Menu icon at the top left corner.

restore deleted contacts from gmail on smartphone

  1. From the Menu select 'Settings'

gmail setting

  1. In the Settings page, you must scroll down and click on 'Undo Changes'. If you have multiple Google accounts on your phone then select the account for which you want to restore the contacts.

recover contacts from gmail

  1. Now you should select the time to undo the changes and click on 'Confirm'.

restore contacts from gmail within the fixe time frame

After a few minutes, you will find that all the deleted contacts are restored.

You should have a backup of all your contacts before trying to restore the deleted contacts as you may lose the new contacts which you added to Google Contacts during the selected time period.

Steps to recover deleted Google contacts from your Google account

Alternatively, you can recover your contacts directly from your Google account backup. To do the same, open the Settings on your smartphone and head to the Google section.

recover deleted contacts from google

You should scroll down and click on ‘Set up & restore’

setup and restore google contacts

In 'Set up & restore' page, you should click on ‘Restore Contacts.’

restore google contacts

If needed you can even specify the contacts you want to restore from your Google account and all the contacts will be restored in a few minutes.

But these methods will work only if you have the contacts synced with your Google Account. You need a Google account to use most features on a smartphone and Google automatically backs up your contacts. The contacts sync feature will always remain enabled unless you have turned it off manually. If you have not synced your contacts with your Google account you should do it soon as it helps you to restore contacts from gmail quickly and easily.

However, you can recover deleted contacts from gmail only up to 30 days from the day you deleted the contacts. If the contacts were deleted before that, then it’s not possible to get them back.

Backing up contacts on Google is highly recommended as it allows you to get them back even if you lose your device or find it difficult to access your device.


You must have Google Contacts to store your contacts as it allows you to restore the accidentally deleted contacts from any device that you are using. Once you sync Google Contacts with your Google account all your contacts are saved in the cloud.

Though there are many third-party apps that help in recovering contacts from gmail the best and easiest way to keep your contacts safe is by syncing your Google contacts with your Google account.

Since all your Gmail contacts are stored in Google contacts you will be able to quickly recover the deleted contacts. The only thing you must remember to do is to keep Google Contacts synced with your Google account and be assured that your contacts are safe.

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