7 Best Grammar Add-Ons for Google Docs in 2021

15 December, 2020

7 Best Grammar Add-Ons for Google Docs in 2021

Whether you are using Google Docs for drafting professional Emails, Letters, Blogs, Descriptions, Articles, or for personal interest; checking errors can be a hectic task.

Especially if you are not confident about the grammar and language specifications, it is likely to face confidence issues while drafting the content or using google docs.

Irrespective of your educational background, we all look for a corrector to ensure that our silly or major grammatical mistakes don't be the reason for embarrassment.

Therefore making use of some rectification tools can make us work error-free; some corrector tools sync with Google Docs and some don’t. Therefore before selecting any tool it is vital to know whether it synchronizes with Google Docs or not.

we don't use some tools as they don't sync with Google Docs.

Here are the best Grammar Add Ons for Google Docs so that one can enjoy the flair of writing while using Google Docs!


Grammarly conducts over 400 types of checks and gives a proper suggestion for the content. It is a user-friendly application that is widely used.

It also checks for grammatical errors, provides vocabulary enhancement suggestions, detects plagiarism, and provides citation suggestions.

There is a difference in the features of the free and premium version. The free version of Grammarly lets one access some of the features like basic grammar checking and spelling corrections.

Grammarly Premium is the ultimate tool to ensure all kinds of corrections and help you to write error free, precise, and easy-to-read.

Features Availability
Tone Delivery Yes
Admin Panel Yes
Centralized Billing Yes
Word Choice Yes
Advance Suggestions Yes


Basic Version: Free

Premium: $11.66/month

Business: $12.50/member/month

Get it here: Grammarly

Language Tool

Have you heard about Language Tools?

Well, now is the time to start using it. If you are looking for a keen eye to detect multiple errors in one go and have a rigorous editing tool that pinpoints the flaws or mistakes to the core, Language Tool is the best.

The main reason behind the wide acceptance of this tool is that it supports editing in 20 varied languages. It includes German, Russian, French, American English, Polish, British English, and other languages.

Features Availability
Various Language support Yes
Grammar Rules Yes
Personal dictionary Yes
Suggestions for correction Yes
Rules by Choice (Enable/Disable) Yes
Use as an add-on Or extension Yes
Stand-alone for desktop Yes
Keyboard shortcuts/td> Yes


Basic Use: Free

For individuals: $1.24/ month

For Team: $ 2.24 / month

Get it here: LanguageTool - Grammar and Style Checker

Hemingway Editor

Are you looking for a proofreader; look no further.

Hemingway Editor has made its place in the best grammar add ons for google docs 2021 because it is a perfect combination of grammar corrector and proofreader.

You can enjoy the desktop version of this application. You need to paste your content on the content bar.

The tool uses a color code to describe each mistake, and shows a colorful solution.

Each patch of color depicts a different kind of error. It can be a voice mistake or an incorrect phrase.

It enables you to publish your work to the platforms directly from the app.

Features Availability
Offline Accessibility Yes
Integration with WordPress & Medium Yes
Easy Formating Yes
Detect Errors Yes
Edit Complex Sentences Yes
Makes writing precious Yes
Import and Export other files Yes


Free For Everyone

Get it here: Hemingway Editor

Online Correction

It is a free tool to check the grammatical and spelling errors of the document. A lot of students and professionals use this tool as it is free; the basic version is available free of cost.

The layout of this application is easy to access. A search box is there in which you have to paste the content that you want to check. Press the enter button; the content will get checked.

Features Availability
Simple and Easy to Use Yes
Effective Correction Yes
Free of Cost Yes
Automated Suggestion Yes
Auto-Correction Yes
Minimalistic Design Yes
Reliable Yes

Get it here: Online Correction

Virtual Writing Tutor

This tool is useful for students and professionals. It not only suggests the correction but also describes the tips that shall help them to write in a better way and perform better. It is more like a tutor.

Even teachers are using it to check the work or assignment of students; it reduces their burden and helps them to work faster.

It has a feature of the word count so that you can keep a check about the length of the document. It makes use of grammar, spelling, paraphrasing, punctuation, and vocabulary checkers in correcting text errors.

Features Availability
Enhance Vocabulary Yes
Grammar Checker Yes
Target Structure Yes
Word Counter Yes
Error Correction Games Yes
Grammar Checking API Yes
Stand-alone for desktop Yes
Academic Suggestions Yes


It is available free for everyone

Get it here: Virtual Writing Tutor

WhiteSmoke Unique

It is a tool that can help you to get a richer text by removing all the errors. It uses a Natural Language Processing Technology that aids an individual to edit the content in a customized way. It functions on both Windows as well as MacBooks. The solution prides itself in making more accurate text error identification and recommended changes than other products. It is easy to make the rectifications while you are working on a browser.

Features Availability
Punctuation Checker Yes
Easy Translation Yes
Video Explanation Yes
Document Formats and Templates Yes
Accurate Error Solution Yes


Web: $5/month

Premium: $6.66/month

For Business: $11.50/month

Get it here: WhiteSmoke

Pro Writing Aid

It virtually rectifies any document. It looks after finding Grammatical Errors, Spelling Mistakes, Contextual Mistakes & Plagiarism. Users can improve their vocabulary via the application's native word explorer and contextual thesaurus. One feature is about tracking and reporting the usual mistakes. You can keep track of whether you have improved on those spots or not. Also, this add-on provides a detailed analysis of the mistakes.

Features Availability
Plagiarism Checker Yes
In Depth Analysis of mistakes Yes
In-Depth Reports Yes
Easily Find Repeated Word Yes
Detailed Explanations Yes


1 month: $20

1 year: $79

Lifetime: $399

Get it here: ProWritingAid - the best grammar checker

Paper Rater

It is designed for students and to help them in improving their writing skills. It's integrated with various technologies like machine learning, computational linguistics, and natural technology. Therefore it shows accurate results of grammar correction and editing. It also finds out about the plagiarism report.

It is a user-friendly add-on. You need to paste content or text in the content box mentioned on the website; it will check the document. Also, you can directly upload a file by drag and drop. You can change the level of corrections by changing the degree of the author's academics. It will show errors based on the author's Education.

Features Availability
Ad Free Yes
Fast Processing Yes
Automated Scoring Yes
Plagiarism Detector Yes
20 pages per submission Yes


Basic plan: Free

Premium Plan: $14.95/month

Get it here: Free Online Proofreader Paper Rater

Before selecting any grammar check add-on for google docs, one must try to find out which is available for free and which has maximum perks. To opt for the best grammar add-on for google doc is vital because whatever content you draft has to be error-free. Sending content that has some grammatical errors will create an unengaging image of yours.

Summing Up

Writing Error Free is mandatory! Whether you are a student or you are a professional, your writing speaks about your caliber and understanding of the language. No one likes to be underrated; for that reason, one should focus on holding a proper grip on writing. If you are not confident about the language rules, you should try this best grammar add-on for google doc to write with confidence! All these extensions are available in a click.

Make these add ons part of your writing journey and wait for exceptional feedback!

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