7 Best Google Drive Sync Apps to Access all Files

19 January, 2021

7 Best Google Drive Sync Apps to Access all Files

Have you ever Googled, “How to access Google Drive files from multiple devices?”

If yes, we are on the same page!

A lot of times it happens that we are engrossed on working with multiple devices, we might use a different device while working from home and the device in the office can be different. Or sometimes a particular file which is stored on Google Drives needs to be accessed by many people!

Well, in all such cases we immediately tend to know that How we can access a particular Google Drive file from various devices.

After scrolling through ample articles, if still, your question is un-answered; then you must read this article thoroughly and save the link or bookmark it. As we have shortlisted 7 best google drive sync apps that will help you access the Google Drive files from any device!

All these 7 best google drive sync app will help you to accelerate your working and never missing out any important document, as you can access it anytime- anywhere (on any device)

Here is the 7 best google drive sync app:

1. Google Backup & Sync:

This is Google’s Primary Option made available to the public for synchronizing! It helps you to get access to a particular file on multiple devices and this is how you will never run out of important documents or files.


- Cloud-native collaboration apps to supercharge teamwork

- A panel of Tools and Applications

- AI of Google will help to work better

Get it here


It is free up to particular storage size.

2. Insync:

Second, on this list is Insyns and this Google Drive Extension has a lot to offer. It is one of the widely preferred extensions. Have a look at the features to know why people are using it?


- Sync all your Google Drive & OneDrive accounts

- Sync only the files you need and save your local space

- Customize your file structure

- It has the option of merging folders with multi-cloud facility

- It allows doc conversation

- It focuses on cloud shortcuts

Get it here

Price: $29.99/Google account

3. Syncdocs:

It is one of the most powerful Google Drive Add On as it provides access documents from multiple devices with end to end encryption. It provides ample perks like Online collaboration, freedom of access and has an easy to use interface.


- Synchronization with PC/Google Drive/Net Folder

- Offline access to all the files and documents

- One-click sharing and editing option

- You can also schedule back-ups

Get it here

Price: $19.95

4. cloudHQ:

cloudHQ has so far developed more than 60 productive applications. One of its applications allows saving Mails to Google Drive. It has a lot of tools that help to boost productivity.


- You can attach files to Gmail from any cloud apps

- Convert Google Docs to Gmail

- Save the emails in form of PDF and upload on drive

Get it here


It has Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise Version:

  • Premium: $118
  • Business: $300

Enterprise: You can contact the company for a customized package

5. Odrive:

Odrive makes it really easy to access the documents from any device as well as storing the documents from any device is also largely possible. It offers large storage space and various other perks; let’s have a look at its features.


- You can synchronize unlimited data.

- Back up vital documents or files to any storage.

- Encrypt the folders in any storage.

- Opt for automatic storage tasks.

Get it here


Free Version is Available

6. Good Sync:

It has an easy to use interface and is completely user friendly. It allows easy backups and synchronizing files quickly and has a vast storage space that makes it possible to upload large files via GoodSync.


- All the documents synchronized with GoodSync are end to end encrypted.

- You have the option of Version History Control.

- You can automate the process or can even schedule it.

Get it here

Price: $29.95

7. Sync:

If you are not looking for a synchronization tool that is either too expensive or it doesn’t have enough features then you should look up to sync. It is perfect for users who are trying to find something that suits their needs in their budget.


- It keeps all your files safe and secure.

- Share files of various formats with anyone.

- There’s no share transfer limit.

- There is an option of real-time backup and synchronization.

Get it here

Price: FREE

Bottom Line:

Using either of these best google drive add ons will help you access any document from any device; preventing you from being out of access. Using these techno benefits and stay ahead, stay focused.

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