10 Best Google Drive Add Ons to boost Work-Life in 2021

12 January, 2021

10 Best Google Drive Add Ons to boost Work-Life in 2021

How many files of yours are saved on Google Drive?

Don’t remember!

Well, Google Drive Passes 2 Trillion Files Stored

It’s an awe-struck figure! This figure is going to increase with the 10 Best Google Drive Add Ons as with the help of these high utility extensions; people will enjoy using Google Drive. It will act as a lead magnet; attracting more and more users!

Google Drives are an incredible tool to make our lives smooth, it helps us to survive in this 4G world easily. With the family of 1 Billion Users; Google Drive are becoming a necessity. Remember the day when Google was down?

It seemed like the world has stopped, everyone started posting on other social media platforms and were eager to know what happed. This shows how many people are depend on Google Drive, how many people are constantly using it.

Therefore to enhance the experience of using Google Drive; we have shortlisted 10 Best Google Drive Add Ons. Check & Explore! (Thank us later)

1. Hello Sign:

Now, signing the document is easy! No, we are not talking about simply writing your name, we are talking about your personalized signature. With this extension, you can place the signature in any document.

It helps you import the signature of your choice and paste it into the document you like. It also helps you to create your own signature.

2. Speakd:

A lot of times it happens that we have to draft something and than invest time in proof reading it. Those who are using MS Word, are already using the feature of “Read Aloud”.

Now you can have same option for Google Docs, you can hang on to this extension. Speakd helps to proof read quickly and you can save ample time with it.

Speakd is used by many professional writers, content creators, proof readers, teachers to type and do proof reading side by side.

3. Zoom:

In the post Covid era, video meetings are part of daily lives. Whether it is schools or corporate organizations; every one has started relying on video meetings. Video meetings are bridging the gaps created due to no physical meets.

Relying on video meetings can be fruitful; if the platform is reliable. Therefore a lot of people are using Zoom. If you have it’s extension; it will be easy to schedule a meeting, check the list of meeting invitations, get reminders about meetings etc.

4. Crop Sheet:

It is the best google drive extension for those who are spending many hours on Google Drive.

It helps to crop the sheet in a single click and will remove everything else in one Go! It will help you to stay focused and deal with the things that are important.

5. Timify.me

Google Drive offers many vital apps and features; one among them is Google Forms. It is very popular among educators and teachers as it allows real time form filling, saves the copies of response and does an automated evaluabtion of the results.

This extension will help to know time taken by each person to fill the form. Google Forms don’t have an inbuilt feature of time tracking; but via this add on you can know about the time taken by every individual.

6. Translate My Sheet:

A lot of time we face a language barrier. We might have to forward a particular sheet to a person and he or she may not be aware about the language used in the sheet or the same can happen with us. We may receive a sheet that is drafted in the language that we can not understand.

To overcome this we can use Translate My Sheet Google Add Ons as it supports 100 distinct languages and can easily translate the entire sheet in the language you understand.

7. Text Cleaner:

If the number of words in a particular document is less; it is feasible to manually check the entire document; do necessary text formatting.

But what if you have to draft multiple documents in a day? Or if you have check varied lengthy articles? In such case using Text Cleaner is important; this Google Drive Add On works on Google Docs and it can help you to add/remove certain words from entire document, add/remove links, do text formatting like bold, italics, strike through, highlight and much more.

8. RingCentral Fax:

The question is NOT that, are you using FAX? It should be like, Is you client using FAX? Well, even if you are not using fax; there are other people how are using it and some of them can be your clients.

So for them you might have to send some documents via fax. In that case using RingCentral Fax can help you send the document from Google Doc itself. You just need to signin and start using this Google Drive Add On.

9. MindMup 2

We all at a certain point of time have relied on creating MindMaps and taking the creative part ahead via Mind Maps. Creating MindMaps can help a lot; it can boost creativity; open new alternatives, help to deal with multiple ideas.

So here is a tool that can help you with advance mind mapping. It allows to draw the mind map the way you want! Use lines, graphs, chart or anything that feel is apt for drawing a Mind Map.

10. Doc Builder:

After we enter into any profession, we start developing habits. We draft various documents into a particular way, we use kind of similar or same template of all the word documents.

Now with Doc Builder you can create reusable snippets of text and add them to your files from a sidebar to the right of your document.

Summing Up:

Try to make the most out of Google Drives by using these best google drive extensions. It helps to understand How you can work more fruitfully with apps offered by Google Drives!

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