30 June, 2020


Plugins are tools that help in increasing the productivity of an organization. They are used for communication, collaboration, customer relationship management(CRM), and sales.

Here are some highly effective tools that might help your organization to boost efficiency.


Slack is a great team communication tool to organize, coordinate, and collaborate. It acts as a chatroom for both group and one-to-one discussions.

slack - team communication tool

It is a flexible and easy to use app which synchronizes seamlessly with smartphones, laptops, and desktops. Slack efficiently replaces emails, text messaging, and instant messaging.

It helps remote teams where team members work from different places.

Channel is the workspace of Slack and each team member can be in one or many channels according to their work.

You can create various channels to discuss different topics. With channels, it is easy to share information with the right people.

Team members are assigned to channels relevant to their work. Public channels are seen by all members of a team and anyone can join it whereas Private channels are for discussions that are not open to all members and you have to be invited to join it.

Within each channel, threads allow organized and focused conversations. Shared channels allow you to communicate with a different organization.

Slack simplifies internal communication and boosts efficiency. It reduces endless email communication as you can share files in channels and private messages. Pin messages and files when you need others to view them.

You can search the conversations in the channels to find messages and files that were shared in the past.

Slack is a very good tool for real-time communication as it enables voice calls and video calls from your workspace.

Slack allows you to @mention a team member, @channel to address every member in a channel or @here for people who are online while sharing information.

You can @mention your team to send notifications to all members of the entire team. Reminders can be used to inform about events and deadlines.

You can also respond to messages through emoji reactions.

Slack helps you to increase productivity by syncing it with Google Calendar, using it as a Gmail addon or collaborating files in Google Drive.

Slack has a very simple user interface and it enables all your team communication to happen in one place and helps your team to collaborate without any trouble.


Todoist is a powerful task management tool that can be used by individuals and small teams. It helps you to plan, organize, and set deadlines.

todoist task management tool

You can collaborate with your team to create to-do lists to complete tasks. Each step of a project can be noted down as a task to be done on the to-do list.

You can prioritize tasks to complete the most important ones first. As all the steps in a project are clearly identified you can complete the project easily.

As you plan you can capture ideas and information quickly and make a to-do list and create tasks.

You can set reminders and due dates for your tasks through push notification or email and recurring due dates help you remember recurring tasks.

You can break big tasks into small subtasks.

Organize your tasks into a project and add flags to set priority levels to each.

You can keep a list of tasks in your inbox before adding them to the relevant project.

You can share projects with your team and assign tasks to team members. Share and collaborate on projects with your team by inviting team members to view the project.

You can assign tasks to them and discuss by sending comments on the task. Invited team members can view the tasks, comments, and uploaded files.

With Todoist you can organize your work and synchronize it across all your devices and review the completed tasks easily.

You can visualize the workflow and track the progress.

Real-time data synchronization is possible by syncing Todoist with Google Calendar

Gmail users can utilize Todoist for Gmail and turn emails into actionable tasks. Todoist for Gmail can be used as a Chrome extension and G Suite add on.

Todoist also offers offline functionality to enable users to work even when they are not online.

Thus Todoist offers you a hassle-free way to visualize, organize, and complete projects easily within the deadline.


DocuSign is a popularly used e-signature tool that helps to send, sign, and manages documents.

docusign e signature tool

DocuSign has simplified the process of sending documents and getting them signed.

It eliminates printing, faxing, scanning, and mailing documents to get them signed. You can send the documents directly from Gmail, Google Drive, and Chrome browser.

You also need not worry about the lack of security involved in paper-based transactions.

Upload the documents in DocuSign and add the names and email addresses of the people who need to sign the documents.

You can have complete control and even specify the order in which they should sign. DocuSign allows you to add tags to indicate the places where people should put their signature, initials, or date.

If there is anything else the signers need to fill in the document you can add fields to get it done.

DocuSign sends a link to the signers to access the document. Once they sign the document it is stored safely and you can retrieve it whenever necessary. And when you have to sign a document you can just access and begin the signing process from any of your internet-connected devices.

DocuSign dashboard allows you to view the status of the document signing process. If you find that there is a delay in the signing process then you can send reminders to people to hasten the process.

DocuSign enables you to set automatic reminders and notifications to keep you updated on each step of the process. It also notifies you when you need to sign a document.

Once the signing process is completed it is saved automatically and both sender and signer can view, download, or print it any time.

DocuSign includes multiple levels of authentication to make sure only the right people have access to the documents. It protects all documents by encrypting and making them tamper-evident.

DocuSign is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with Google applications. You can save time by not having to upload and download documents and complete the document signing process in a few clicks.


Basecamp is a project management tool that helps in organizing and managing small projects. It helps team members to communicate and collaborate on a project.

basecamp project management tool

Basecamp allows you to assign tasks, have discussions, communicate ideas, share files, and emails to complete projects successfully.

Basecamp is very simple and intuitive to use. You can easily create a project and add team members to it. Break the project into smaller tasks and assign the tasks to each member.

You can create a to-do list for each task, set a due date with comments, and track the progress every day. When you assign a new task to a team member they will immediately get a notification.

Every member of a project will be able to view all the tasks related to the project. All documents and files related to the project can be stored securely within Basecamp and shared with the team.

You can always reorder files and color code them for easy recognition and access.

Hill Chart is an exclusive feature of Basecamp which enables you to spot problems and rectify them before the due date.

It gives you a quick visualization of your project as to how much is completed and what is the progress. Basecamp allows you to view the projects, events, and due dates on Basecamp's Schedule which you can sync with Google calendar.

All relevant messages, questions, and alerts for a project can be viewed on the Message Boards.

Team members can add documents and images to their messages to share with the team. All replies to the messages and status about the tasks can also be seen on the board.

Hey! The menu will show you all the new messages, to-do lists, notifications, and @mentions.

The campfire feature of Basecamp is a real-time group chat for your team members to discuss and ask questions.

You can chat with the entire group or a specific person through @mentions.

You can also send direct messages to individuals. Search and Bookmarking features help you to save time by finding information quickly.

All emails regarding a project can be forwarded directly to Basecamp and can be viewed by team members.

Announcements and notes for all employees can be seen in the Company HQ section.

Basecamp offers the opportunity to add clients to the team so that they can be included in discussions. But you can restrict them by giving permission to view only certain details about the project. Every project has its own chat room for discussions.

Through Clientside, you can show your clients what your team is working on and can share messages and portions of your project with the clients. Basecamp helps you to keep everything in one place and enables you to complete multiple projects quickly and easily.


Google Tasks is a to-do list application that can be synchronized with your Gmail and Google Calendar. It enables you to create to-do lists for a day, week, month, or a year.

google task manager

You can make a list of tasks to be done and add additional details and set reminders so that you will never miss out on a task.

Organize your tasks under a list and set a time and date so that you will complete it before the deadline. When you sync Google Tasks with Google Calendar it helps you to organize your tasks more efficiently.

New tasks can be created at any time and you can delete tasks if it is not needed to be done. You can add details to tasks when you create them so that you can refer to them when you do it.

You will receive notifications when it is time for a task to be done. For bigger tasks, you can break them into subtasks to complete them conveniently.

Timed reminders can be set for recurring tasks and the tasks will be repeated at the set time, date, or day. This feature is very useful when you want to be reminded of specific tasks at specific times.

You will be able to import reminders from Google Calendar, Gmail, and Assistant. As Google Tasks is synced with Gmail you can add emails as actionable tasks and you can access these emails directly from Google Task.

Tasks and subtasks can be organized as to-do lists according to their importance or according to the date in which they have to be done. When you have completed a task you can mark them as completed and it will automatically be moved to the list of completed tasks.

You can also edit a task after it has been created or move it from one list to another.

All your lists of tasks can be accessed from any of your internet-connected devices like smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Google Tasks Chrome Extension allows you to add tasks from any screen.

Google Tasks is a great tool that helps you to create to-do lists within Gmail and synchronize it with Google Calendar and complete your tasks effortlessly.

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